Best Short Film (IRL) – Algorithm

Edwina Casey

Best Short (INT) – The Outing

Joanne Mitchell – UK

Best Documentary – Forerunner

Kevin Bennett, Dave Thorpe

Best Actor – Eliott James

Wormhole In The Washer

Best Student Film – They Killed Us For Existing

Meghan O’Shaughnessy

Best Music Video – Free To All – Sowing Acorns by Emma Langford

Director: Laura O’Shea

Best Animation – Mam’s Old Chair

Sheena Walsh

Environmental Film – Deforestation

Adam Rael

Human Rights & Social Justice Award – Different

John Farrelly

Best Feature – Follow The Dead

Adam William Cahill

Best Film Poster – ShadowBan

Shane W. Brennan, Conor Brennan

Northern Exposure Award (€500 Bursary)

In Association with Donegal Film Office

Niall Duffy – The Rock In The Sea

Set against the backdrop of the Viking expansion era in the late 9th century, an Irish Monk living on a remote island rock must confront grief and contend with despair as his hope falls into decay. It becomes a question of his own morality, as he endures a life of complete solitude. Being torn between defeat and finding a path for resolve.

Niall Duffy was born in Donegal. Growing up on the north-west coast of rural Ireland, he developed a keen interest in film from an early age. Inspired by Irish history and compelled by the captivating landscape surrounding him, he formed a desire to tell unique and original stories.

We wish Niall well with this bursary and eagerly await his next film. Congratulations!